reflection on the story of Joseph

God with us in our fears
in our confusion, our darkness
in our humiliation and shame
in our loss and grief
in alienation and isolation.

God with us
not to make sense of things,
but to assure us that though we can’t see, He can;
though we have no control, He does;
though it looks very bad, He is at work to do good for us.

God with us as we question
as we cry out in hopelessness
as we search for a way out
as we grope for a bit of light in our present darkness.

God with us to instruct us
not so that we’ll be able to map out our future and feel secure,
but so that we’ll see the next step and know that we’re part of God’s story.

God with us in Jesus
born in human history and family drama
born as 1 of us so that we can be with him
born to die for us so that we might live.

God with us
not always in the ways that make sense, but surely for our salvation.

God with us in our own stories
in our families
in our past
our present
and our future.

God with us 
             as He promised.

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