ode to mom

When I was just a little girl
All blonde and dressed in blue
I felt your love and watched your life
And hoped to be like you.

When nearly grown at seventeen,
You wondered what you'd spawned.
Unknown to you I watched you still,
Your trust and faith so strong.

At 24 you cried for me.
At 32 you trusted.
At 36 you took us in
Though your world had just combusted.

Even when you made mistakes
Or I sadly let you down,
Forgiveness and a living hope
Just turned it all around.

You've loved me, served me, shown me how
And offered motivation.
You've never said, "I told you so!"
Though I've given you occasion.

So now you're turning 76
And I am 53.
No longer little golden girl
Who sits on Mommy's knee.

But in every place and every stage
Your life has taught me more
Of womanhood and motherhood
And prayer and faith in God.

So on your birthday, my dear mom,
Rejoice in what's to come:
More love, more faith, more time to show
Your daughter how it's done.

by becky dodds stephen